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Brand Development

AfroLife is a start-up streaming platform that caters to an urban, minority culture. The social media and website were designed to capture an audience using creative copywriting, dope imagery, and seamless branding.  This brand can now show their true colors with pride. 



Event Branding + Pitch Deck

Excerpts from a deck designed for an exclusive dance production in Los Angeles, California. A summer festival meets the streets, and the art direction is on fire.

Social Marketing + Campaign

This brand ordered the works. From a video marketing campaign to an array of social media visuals, this company went to the next level. Creating the voice for a company is just as important to the identity as a logo.

Re-brand + Website Design

This was a community favorite that needed a little facelift. With the right combination of ingredients, this culinary school was bought up to date with a modern streamlined website and logo.


Digital + Social Marketing

ABH is social media's largest cosmetics brand with over 16M followers on Instagram alone. Between collaboration with the art director and Anastasia herself - beautiful email campaigns, social media marketing, and website graphics were executed in style.

Brand Development

Started from the bottom, now we're here. The visuals had to be attractive and the voice universal. The finest quality of brand development with this impactful display of a full-service agency.


Website Design

F.A.N. apparel was designed to inspire communities by using a variety of acronyms - all meant to uplift a generation. Such a powerful message deserves an even more powerful web presence. Impactful videos and creative copywriting we're used to capture and navigate the clientele.


Album Packaging

This jazz album is packed with smooth sounds of live compositions, produced by Annela Flores. The packaging had to be as unique as the artist herself, so it was curated accordingly. Each image was picked based off the lyrical pictures painted throughout the album. 

Brand Development

You'd never know Sugared is a one "woman" show until you arrive at your appointment. We sugar-coated the not-so-pleasant experience of hair removal with soft colors and a thoughtful tagline. From a sugar-spun logo to an interactive website, Sugared got the works!

sugaredla.com  In Progress

Brand Development

Kinetics Fitness knows their market! The brand wanted to incorporate rose gold into their branding when designing their logo. Kinetics means motion, hence the arrows and symbols used for the iconic K. Their website also incorporated fitness videos to further capture their powerful female audience. 


Event Branding + Design

An abandoned warehouse in the streets of downtown was turned out for the fashion event of the year. B. James turned heads with his styles - while his creative spoke for itself. From guerrilla marketing to the actual run way, the street flare bought the designers vision to life.

Ad + Email Marketing

Minimal, classic, and regal are just a few words that describe the essence of Joyce Rey. Her award-winning work has helped her sell the most luxurious properties and be respected amongst her community. Email marketing was a vital part of her companies strategy and plays a vital part in her continued success. 

Brand Development

This full-service salon is hidden within the busy streets of Inglewood - as it should be. This exclusive salon has high end clientele that live for the glam. The beauty brand received the full-treatment from head-to-toe, just as their client would experience inside "the closet". 

Re-Branding and Marketing

This company has been creating and awarding progressive certified plaques to various artists in the music industry throughout the years. The re-brand put an entirely new spin on their logo to bring them as current as the celebrities they present to. With the combination of color, font, and graphics this company was simply streamlined and bought into the digital age.

Logo Development

Revved up and ready to go!

A series of logos developed for an automotive wholesale company. A typographic exploration, only to arrive at a sleek, yet powerful logo.

Logo + Style Guide

This skincare brand was founded by a tattoo artist as an aftercare product. It is all about natural and organic ingredients at the forefront and the edginess of a tattoo artist in the shadows. A gestural approach to the logo and icon creation felt handmade, just like the product itself.

Re-brand + Packaging Design

What kind of magic pill stops nosebleeds? One with magical packaging. This supplement was created with a universal market in mind. The packaging had to speak for itself, and capture an audience both online and in retailers, alike. Using bold colors, geometric shapes and clean lines created a modern take on an often bland and traditional industry.

Logo Development

GSW is a start-up, private, tech and marketing agency.

They sought a logo that would be timeless, universal, and techy. The only rule was that it had to be turquoise: the teams favorite color. This spherical logo with overlapping shapes was the result.